It is a pleasure to see you visiting our web site.

You are presently reading the about us page. I am not really sure what you are anticipating to seek out here as so many internet sites use the about us page for different things. I am likely to use this page to let you know a little bit more about me and why I put this website together.

For me it is all about passion. I have a passion of talking about topics that are really dear to me. You can actually this to the individuals who knows me personally and they’re going to surely agree with this.

Among the most important subjects to me that I want to talk about is computers specifically.

My connection with computers actually started in the days of the Commodore 64. Well, this will truly tell you what my age is. Many of you are most likely thinking that I am very old already.

It was undoubtedly due to the Commodore that I end up doing lots of programming and coding. Did you know that an old tape cassette recorder was previously a storage device? It’s astounding, but I used them back then.

From that point onwards, I became a self-taught coder and I’m continually learning new languages and methods. PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and more have been mastered to the best of my ability.

I have been a Windows man for many years since I love to tweak and tinker whatever I can reach. Apple kept things too close to the chest so it is totally different. I have always grown to enjoy helping folks in mastering the computer, coding and programming. In the modern world, the computer has grown to be a necessity and not only a type of thing that is restricted to geeks to play with.

My parents are already in their 70s and I can use them as the best example of how people have accepted this new technology. They often seek out questions and answers, watch videos, edit photos and use emails and social media. It has become an important part of their life. On the other hand, my son, who is already 10 years old, has become really cozy in accessing computer technology for the past 3 or 4 years. It is already second nature for him to use his phone, tablet or notebook in doing his homework, play games and watch videos.

I am sure that today, you already get the whole explanation why I am fascinated with computer technology and the other topics relevant to this. It’s also the explanation why this blog is created. I wish to reach as many other folks as feasible who also share the same passion as me. If I might help people with their concerns, enjoyment and fascination concerning the world of computers, it means that my time is wisely spent on this blog. If you need me for anything with regards to computer-related topics, you must tell me right away. You may simply drop an email or you may leave a comment to my blog posts because I always read them.